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At Mediterranean Sport Village, we pride ourselves on providing first class facilities to meet the needs of sportsmen and women. Our professional football pitches are a testament to our commitment to excellence in sport.Jumping onto the field and dribbling with the ball is living the authentic football. Prepare your preseason at the Mediterranean Sport Village and train at our center Futbol Salou on one of the 11 11-a-side football fields or on the 7-a-side football field.

We equip our fields with fixed and mobile goals, and artificial light to play at any time of the day. All the material is approved by the Spanish Football Federation and complies with UEFA and FIFA standards.

And if you want to put on a good show, play in our Mini Stadium, with a natural grass field, its own changing rooms and stands for 1,000 spectators.



It is the type of grass most used in professional football fields, and the one that requires the most control of the ball, since this type of surface provides more varied changes of pace. The natural grass is the preferred option for the players and the best terrain to demonstrate the skill with a ball at the feet. Its main virtues are:

  • Absorbs heat.
  • Reduces temperature changes.
  • Cleans the air, since it intervenes in the cycle of O2 production and CO2 capture.
  • Absorbs SO2, NO2 and other polluting compounds.
  • It is alive and interacts with the environment.



Artificial grass allows for clean ball handling and a dribble without surprises, because it is more uniform and its wear is almost imperceptible. This type of terrain better absorbs impacts and allows for greater turning power. The system used in our fields is certified by FIFA. The fibers are soft and players can slide without risk of skin injury. The system provides the following advantages:


  • Less loss of rubber thanks to vertical water filtration.
  • Great drainage capacity, even if it rains.
  • Lower ground temperature by not incorporating any layer of asphalt.
  • Greater resistance of the grass thanks to its high density.
  • Does not get up during the game.
  • Field 100% flat and homogeneous.

Mediterranean Sport Village is considered one of the best sports complexes in southern Europe. Just one hour away from Barcelona airport and in the heart of the Costa Dorada, Mediterranean Sport Village has an excellent location.

We have the best product combination of the market (private sport facilities + private accommodation) for professional, amateur and training athletes.

Mediterranean Sport Village

Here you


have it all

The best sports facilities, the best accommodation and the best services to take your team or your sport to the next level.

Artificial and natural grass fields
12 football fields
Fixed and mobile goals
Artificial light
Artificial and natural grass fields
12 football fields
Fixed and mobile goals
Artificial light


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