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Types of grass and its characteristics in Futbol Salou’s pitches
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Types of grass and its characteristics in Futbol Salou’s pitches

It isn’t a new debate. However, modern technology allows us to study with precision all the variables that are involved in the game. In fact, grass has been proved to be a key factor.

At Complex Esportiu Futbol Salou we have 12 professional football pitches: 5 natural grass pitches and 8 artificial grass pitches.  Do you want to know their characteristics?

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Natural grass pitches

It’s the most common grass used on professional pitches as well as the one that requires more control of the ball as this type of surface enables switch playing. Despite hybrid turf pitches are becoming more popular, especially after clubs such as FC Barcelona have installed it, natural grass is still the preferred option among players. Its main virtues are:

  • Absorbs heat.
  • Reduces temperature changes.
  • Improves air quality as it interferes in the production of O2 and takes in CO2.
  • Absorbs SO2, NO2 and other contaminating gases.
  • It is alive and interacts with the environment.
  • However, the main natural grass’ handicap is its high maintenance cost.

Artificial turf pitches

Artificial turf allows a cleaner way of guiding the ball and reduces sudden ball bounce as it is a uniform surface and it barely wears away. This type of turf absorbs impacts better and allows a greater turning power.

At the beginning, artificial turf pitches were hard and uncomfortable to play on, but innovation has brought a new concept of artificial turf as it doesn’t have anything to do with the reputation from the past. For example, the system used at our pitches is FIFA certified. The fibers used are soft and players can land without any risk of suffering lesions on their skin. The system has the following advantages:

  • Less loss of rubber thanks to the vertical filtration of water.
  • High capacity of drainage, despite the rain.
  • Less surface temperature, as it doesn’t have tarmac.
  • Higher resistance due to its density.
  • It doesn’t get damaged during the games.
  • 100% flat and homogeneous surface.


If you want to try it out, come to train with your team at Futbol Salou. Try them all and draw your own conclusions!