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The respect and other values of rugby that you probably didn´t know
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The respect and other values of rugby that you probably didn´t know

In addition, the Spanish, feminine and masculine selections, are increasingly competitive at international level. They even qualified for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games!


At the Complex Esportiu Futbol Salou we are always attentive to sports trends. Therefore, this season we have opened a multipurpose rugby field. But ... What does rugby have that makes addicted to those who try it? Contrary to what it may seem at first sight, rugby presumes to be a sport with values where respect is a sacred principle. In fact, they have a "Charter of Principles" with 5 values that are practiced in every game. Let's see them!

1. Respect

The first lesson that a rugby player receives when he starts his career in this sport is the respect that must be professed to the teammates, opponents, referees and all the agents involved in the game. The word of the referee is an indisputable law, the tensions remain in the field, and if the atmosphere warms up, you have to find a way to smooth out those rough edges.


Therefore, at the end of the game, the winners are the first to make a little passageway and applaud the losers, and vice versa.

In addition, there is a tradition called "the third half" which is that, after the game and once showered, the two teams share food and beer. It is a time destined to fraternize, comment on the game and chat about other rivals. The saying goes: A full belly, happy heart.

2. Integrity

Integrity is another of the basic principles for the practice of Rugby and is founded with honesty and fair play. It seems contradictory to accept exerting extreme physical pressure on an opponent to obtain the ball, and for that to be considered fair play.


The difference is that this strength can´t be used to hurt the opponent voluntarily or maliciously. And on that fine line work both referees and players, whose attitude committed to the values of the letter will depend on the success of the game.

3. Passion

Rugby, like other sports, generates many passions, emotional attachment and sense of belonging to a large family. However, the fact that there is extreme physical contact can make that passion even more exalted. It is through discipline and respect that that passion is left only the most positive sense of the word, forging camaraderie and giving meaning to fair play.

4. Solidarity

Comradeship and solidarity are, if possible, more exalted feelings in rugby. Either you are united, or any external factor can break the match and the energy of the team. A gesture of solidarity that transcended the international press was performed by the Spanish rugby team in 2016.


They were concentrated in Fiji (paid for their own travels) to prepare the international tournament in Hong Kong. Cyclone Winston, which was devastating, was about to hit Fiji and the players didn´t think twice; they left their tasks to help the locals fill sandbags to try to stop, as far as possible, the sea from coming in.


In addition, it is said that the friendships built in rugby last a lifetime, because they are built on a framework of teamwork and loyalty that transcend cultural, geographical, political and religious differences.

5. Discipline

In rugby, players of different physiques, skills, genders and ages have the opportunity to contribute their skills to the whole team. It is the discipline that guarantees that all participants have a great knowledge and understanding of the rules and values of the game.


 Has it surprised you?