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5 reasons why you should play rugby
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5 reasons why you should play rugby

In March 2018, Futbol Salou opened a rugby pitch in the facilities, promoting, with it, the practice of this sport which is currently booming in our country. Have you ever wanted to give it a try? Do you need an incentive? Cambrils Park Sport Village gives you 5 reasons to play rugby.

1. Because rugby’s 5 core values can be applied to all the areas of your life.

It is easy to opt for the cliché: rugby is too aggressive; it is a sport played by thugs, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, rugby is famous for leading by example this 5 core values: integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect.

In 2009, the World Rugby member unions incorporated them within the World Rugby Playing Charter, a guiding document aimed at preserving rugby’s unique character and ethos both on and off the field of play.

At a rugby game, arbitral decisions are not questioned, the rival is respected, and teamwork based on equality and solidarity is the way of working. Rugby is a sport and a life style, its values go beyond the field of play and are applied to other daily life areas.   

2. Because Spanish rugby is experiencing rapid growth

According to the Spanish Rugby Federation, the number of registered players has risen by 37,58% in only 4 seasons.

The last victories achieved by the unstoppable women’s national team and the fact that the men’s team almost got a place to the 2019 World Rugby Cup in Japan, might have contributed to rugby’s rise in Spain. In addition to social media, a greater media support and the interest of the Lioness and the Lions to transmit their passion for the oval shaped ball.

rugby españa

3. Because it is one of the most integrating sports

The one thing Rugby can boast about is of being one of the most integrating sports. As Patricia García told us during her interview before the seventh Rugby Europe Women’s Championship: “Rugby gives a lot of opportunities because it brings together people of different morphologies, abilities and skills. Everybody has a role and all of them are equally important”

Besides, women’s rugby is increasingly gaining more visibility in media and the number of attendees per match is also growing. What is more, the Lioness is among one of the ten best national teams in the world. Well done!

In other parts of the planet, for example in the Pacific, the United Nations agency that promotes gender equality, UN Women, considers that rugby is making huge steps towards gender equality: a huge number of women’s team competed in the Oceania Rugby Sevens Championship, in Fiji, which proofs the global movement towards gender-balanced participation in rugby.


4. Because rugby builds bridges and channels negative emotions.

The diversity of people in a team, added to the values that are led by example, turns rugby, so to speak, into a school of life and a bridge builder between different socio-cultural realities united by sport

Besides, the intense physical contact during the game is not at any price.  The rules and ethical framework provide a way to channel emotions constructively. Something that can be of benefit to vulnerable groups like the ones that collaborate with Rugby Libre and Rugby Values projects, leaded by Patricia García, the spanish national rugby player. 


5. Because your rugby team will become your family. And the rival team, will too.

It has always been said that rugby creates a special friendship. The physical and emotional intensity that its practice requires and the fact that it is a minor sport, turn it into a big family without borders.

From there it come the famous “Third-half time”, that takes place once the game is over and both teams meet up to share beers and snacks. It is the perfect occasion to fraternise, to alleviate the stress of the game and to promote respect among clubs and supporters. In short, both belong to the same team; the one that represents rugby and its values in the world. Don’t you think?

Do you want to give it a try? Our rugby field is waiting for you!

Photo 3: UN Women/Oceania Rugby